RV & Holding Tank Pumping

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Unlike traditional home septic tanks, the septic holding tanks found in trailers, RVs, and mobile homes serve a distinct purpose. These tanks are designed to store sewage until it’s either emptied through a pump-out process or serviced by a septic pumping company. They collect wastewater from showers, toilets, and sinks, functioning as a temporary reservoir for sewage and graywater.

Types of Tanks

The three main types of holding tanks found in trailers and RVs each serve a specific function:

Freshwater tank: This tank stores water for dry camping situations where utilities are not available.

Graywater tank: Sink and shower water collects here until it can be emptied.

Blackwater tank: This tank is dedicated to holding sewage, receiving all waste from toilets and serving as the primary septic storage unit.

The Equipment & the Know-How

Effective RV tank pumping requires the correct tools and equipment. Not every pump is suitable for managing the wastewater stored in your RV and trailer’s septic holding tank. AAA Septic can handle all of your RV & Holding Tank pumping needs. Our expert team comes equipped with all essential tools for pumping and draining your sewage holding tank. 

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